Simplified does exactly what our name suggests – we simplify the graphic design process! Not only does Simplified keep it simple to navigate and create, but it easily allows you to download your designs and publish to social platforms right from within the app!

Simple enough for beginners yet sophisticated enough for pros, Simplified is the only intuitive, magic one-click design tool you'll ever need!

Why choose Simplified as your go-to marketing software?

  1. A picture says a thousand words, and Simplified has millions of watermark-free stock images and videos that will light up your social feeds. On Twitter, [tweets with more images receive 150% more retweets than those without images]( Engagement with These Social Media Graphic Design Tips,-By Annisha•&text=But graphics don't just,paired with a relevant image.). Market your brands effectively and efficiently!

  2. We have optimized dimensions for social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more). Know that your designs are sized correctly all the time!

  3. Edit images with filters, icons, rotations, resizing, and more.

  4. Access FREE drag-and-drop design elements.

  5. Thousands of popular and trending fonts that are updated constantly.

  6. Create amazing copywriting with the best free copy AI generator on the web. Use the Short Form Assistant and Long From Writer for all your copywriting needs from blogs and articles to social media quotes and invitations.

  7. Simplified is 100% cloud-based, so no apps to download before you start creating.

There is no day like today – start designing now with Simplified!

How to get started!

For Beginners:

  • Click Templates on the left-side menu and pick a category of template (Post, Story, Ad, Cover, etc).

  • You can choose your templates by dimensions (Instagram Story), aesthetic (Fashion), and more!

For Teams:

  • If you're already working on a design with your team, click the link to the project that your team shared with you and start creating and editing.

  • Click the yellow Share button at the top right corner of your screen to send a link to your teammates!

For Design Pros:

  • Simply choose a template or build a custom template by clicking the New Project button at the top of the left-side toolbar.

  • Then click the Custom Size button on the new page that opens. Choose your presets, components, text, and more!

TIP: Make sure you have a stable Internet connection while creating/editing your design as Simplified automatically saves your progress online.

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I’m in! What now?

  • Start designing! The left sidebar on your artboard has all that you need to get going.

I've chosen my artboard:

  • Upload your own media to your design – photographs, short videos, or even screenshots!

  • Add, delete, or edit components on your artboard according to what you need.

  • If you have a specific aesthetic for your content, use the Images tab to search for pictures that best fit your needs. Some examples are: coffee, pink, shoes, nature – the list is virtually endless!

The basics:

  • Figure out what text (if any) needs to be included in your design.

  • Choose a color, image, or gradient as the background for your design.

  • Search for fonts that best fit your brand’s visual aesthetic.

  • Drag-and-drop your own photos and video onto your artboard or upload them under My Assets on the left-side menu.

TIP: Want to make a duplicate of your artboard? Click Clone Artboard on the top menu, so that you don’t have to waste time starting over.

How to add brand logos:

  • Click Brandkit on the left-side dashboard menu to upload all your brand logos, colors, and designs!

You’re All Caught Up! As with any new skill or software, practice makes perfect! See you on the app — we can't wait to see all your design creations!

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