How to start using Simplified's AI Writer
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Our AI Writer is easy-to-use and will save you lots of work and time!

  1. Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/ Facebook login.

Click on Sign In

2. Go to the Dashboard and click AI Writing.

3. Click AI Templates and select a template that appears on the list of tags. Our AI copywriter can write everything from marketing and sales to SEO and ads.

Click on AI Templates…
Click on All

4. Enter your info into our copy AI's fields and click Generate!

Click on Generate

5. Need more options? Keep clicking Generate More until you get copy you're happy with.

Click on Generate

6. If you like the result and want to continue writing, click Open in Editor.

Click on Open in Editor

7. Add the content to the blank sheet by clicking the + symbol in the upper left corner.

Click on group

8. Give your new copy AI document a title in the field on the upper left corner of the screen that appears on your results page.

9. Share your new copy with the Share button in the upper right corner of the results page. Copy the link, choose to share your work with anyone in your shared workspace, and even invite someone new to collaborate.

Click on Copy

Ta-da! Magic one-click AI Writer can write just about anything in seconds!

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