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How do I use the AI Assistant in a shared workspace?
How do I use the AI Assistant in a shared workspace?
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Creating content for you and your team on a shared workspace is super simple with Simplified! Just follow a few easy steps!

  1. Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login.

2. If you are not in a shared workspace, switch to the one you want to use by clicking on your profile icon and then on the workspace that appears.

3. You can then view the other workspaces and select the one your want.

4. Click on the "AI Writing" tool and click one last time to create a "New Document".

Boom! You are now ready to start working in your shared workspace. All copy our AI Writer creates will be available for everyone in your workspace.

Remember that you can also share the shortcut of this document with your colleagues by clicking on the share button at the top right; then enter your colleague's email address and finally click on the yellow invite button.

¡Note: Invited persons will be added as editors only to that document, not to the workspace. This will not count toward your member's quotas.

If you need to edit copy the AI Writer has previously created:

  1. Click on the AI Writing tool, on the main menu.

  2. Choose Recent Documents or Saved AI Results.

  3. Select the copy you'd like to edit and get writing.😉

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