Simplified has awesome one-click animations for elements and text.

Add our one-click video editor into the mix, and you can create interesting GIFs, animations, and videos for all your marketing needs!

  • Log into Simplified.

  • Click the New Project button in the upper left corner of your screen.

  • Or, choose Design Templates or Video Templates in the center of your screen.

  • Once your template is open, click the Media icon on the left-side toolbar.

  • Choose a video or GIF to add to your project.

  • Or, drag-and-drop your own video or animation from My Assets in the left-side toolbar onto your artboard.

  • Click on Timeline View to see your video and trim it.

  • Edit your video or animation with Simplified's design tools.

  • When you're done, export your video or animation as an MP4.

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