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How can I create animations or short videos?
How can I create animations or short videos?

Generate one-click animations for elements and text

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To generate one-click animations for elements and text, follow these steps:

1- Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login.

2- Go to the design or video section and open a new or existing project. If you prefer, you can also use one of our pre-designed video templates and customize it as you like by clicking on Browse Templates.

3- Once your artboard is open, you can select any of the elements to animate them.

4- As soon as you select an element, a toolbar will open at the top of your design. Choose the animate option.

5- Click on Get Started.

7- Choose the type of animation you want and configure each option using the choices provided at the bottom of the menu. Remember that you can animate text, images, shapes, and other elements on your artboard. All changes are saved automatically.

8- Click on the Timeline view to set the video's duration, add music, or make further edits to your video. Then, click on the yellow play button to preview the final result.

8- When you're done, export your video or animation as an MP4, GIF or SVG.

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