How do you upload assets into Simplified?
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Simplified makes it easy to drag-and-drop or copy & paste any type of image, video, and even audio file into the app! We offer 3 ways to copy your assets to your artboard:

First, log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login and open a new or recent project.

1. Drag-and-Drop to Copy

  • Choose the image from your computer, website, or cloud drive that you want to copy.

  • Drag the asset onto your artboard.

2. Copy & Paste

  • Choose the asset you want to copy.

  • Right-click on the selected asset and select Copy from the dropdown menu.

  • On your artboard, press Command โŒ˜ + V (for iOS users) or Ctrl + V (for Windows users) together to upload your media!

3. Upload to Copy

  • Click My Assets from the left-side menu of your artboard.

  • Click Assets and then click the image or video you want to use. It will be automatically added to your project.

  • You can click on the dotted box to browse the assets from your device.

  • Remember that you can filter and select the source of your files. Click to choose at the end of the side menu search bar.

Itโ€™s that simple โ€“ now you can edit your media on your Simplified artboard.

Watch this short video by Simplified to see learn how to copy and paste your assets:

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