Yes! Simplified can help you create blog posts, articles, and all your marketing materials.

Simplified now has the Full Blog Writer: Generate full blog posts and articles in seconds! You can customize the tone and language output for each section of your article. The post will be generated directly onto the document editor, where you can add media, collaborate with team members, export your article in PDF or DOCX, and publish your blog post directly to your social media channels or blog page with our WordPress plugin connection.

Use the Blog Writer to generate full blog posts or articles using our AI. Here's how:

1 - From your dashboard, go to AI Writing > Generate with AI > Full Blog Writer.

2 - Complete the prompts with the required info about the article or blog posts you want to write, and select the tone and output language.

3 - When the blog post is generated on the Document Writer, you can add media, edit and format the text, export, share or publish.

! Note: The Blog Writer is only available on the Business and Growth Plans. Upgrade here to start writing full articles in seconds.

If you're not yet part of Business or Growth plans, you can still write entire blog posts using Simplified's AI Writer.

There are two ways to write blog posts on Simplified using the AI writer without the Full Blog Wizard:

Create a new document:

  1. Click on AI Writing from your Dashboard, then click New Document.

2. When the blank document opens, click on the pencil icon in the menu on the right and input info about the topic you want to write about: select the blog template you want to use, tone, language, and topic.

3. Click on Advanced options to select the Number of results and the Creativity level.

4. Click the Generate button and watch as the AI writer tool generates text for you.

Use the AI Templates:

This method works on any plan, including our Free Forever plan.

  1. Click on AI Writing from your Dashboard, then click AI Templates.

2. Click on Blogging or type in the toolbar and use all available tools to create blogs or articles.


  • Click on Blog Titles + Ideas to generate a blog idea and title.

  • Once you've chosen a title, use the Blog Outline tool to generate an outline for your blog.

  • Click Blog Introduction to generate an introduction paragraph.

  • Use the Sentence Expander tool to expand each bullet of your outline.

  • Finally, use the Blog Conclusion tool to generate a great closing paragraph.

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