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How do you write an announcement?

Write copies for announcements: engagement, wedding, moving, graduation, gender reveal, birth, birthdays, pregnancy, jobs and more

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Write amazin announcements with the AI Writing tool!

Follow these steps to start your announcement:

1- Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/ Facebook login.

2- Click on AI Writing.

3- Click on New Document.

5- Your blank page will open and you will be able to type a command with keywords to write your announcement.

6- Select what you wrote and a menu of options will appear.

7- Click on Run command.

8- If you liked the result, click on Insert.

  • If you want to generate more options, select your main command and run the command again.

You are done! Your announcement is ready to be used.

Download your announcement by clicking on Export, then click Download now, choose DOCX OR PDF format, and finally click Export.

Your announcement will be saved on your device.

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