How to use our AI Assistant for copywriting
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You'll never believe a human didn't write the copy that Simplified's AI Assistant generates! Every type of copy you need, from ads and stories to blogs and titles, is fast and easy for copy AI.

  1. Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google login.

  2. Click on AI Writing on the top menu.

  3. On your AI Writing Home, click on:

    1. AI Templates to start using the short-form writer

    2. Blog Wizard to write full blogs

    3. New Document to start using the long form writer, and advanced, smart documents

    4. Generate with AI for Blog Co-pilot, TikTok/Reels scripts, and more.

  4. Fill in the prompts of the selected template or just write you command on the blank document.

  5. Click Generate!

  6. Need more copy? Click Generate More until you get the content you need.

Ta-da! Awesome content will be written in just seconds with one click. Endless options are at your fingertips with Simplified's AI Assistant.

Check out our Academy videos to learn more about how to use our AI Assistant🙂

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