Simplified's newest feature helps you use the AI Assistant and graphic design tool at the same time!

  1. Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google login.

  2. Open an existing project.

  3. Start a new project by choosing a Design Template or Video Template.

  4. Create a custom template by clicking the New Project button in the left-side toolbar.

  5. Then, click the Custom Size button on the right side of your screen.

  6. With your artboard open, click on the AI Assistant button that appears at the bottom right of your screen (the round yellow button with a robot in it).

  7. Click New Document or choose from your existing documents.

  8. Choose from the Long From Writer or Short Form Assistant.

  9. Pick an AI Template.

  10. Input information in the text fields provided.

  11. Click Generate!

  12. Finally, click on the (+) that appears at the top of each result to add it directly into your design.

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