How do I start using the video editor?
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There are 4 fun ways to use our video editor!

First, log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login and then, review the ways you can use the video editor below.

1) Video Templates:

  • Once the template is in your artboard, you will be able to edit it as you wish with our tools.

2) Create a New Project:

  • Choose a template or click the Custom Size button to create a video project with custom dimensions then, click on Create Proyect.

  • Your artboard will open and you will be able to start creating content from scratch or upload a video from your device for editing.

3) Bring your designs to life with our tools:

4) Try our subtitle generator:

  • Once you are in the video section, click on Add subtitles to video.

  • Select a template and click on Next.

  • Upload any video, select the spoken language, and click on Generate.

  • Now your video will open in the artboard, the subtitles will be added automatically in a few seconds and you can continue editing your video. Once you get the desired result you can export it.

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