How to create your first graphic design
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Our no-code graphic design tools are meant for beginners, design pros, and everyone in between!

There Are 3 Ways to Begin Your Project:

1. Start with a template:

Awesome designer-made templates help get the creative juices flowing! This option works best for beginners.

  • You will find pre-designed templates in the sizes you need, for a Facebook or LinkedIn post, an Instagram story, and more and that's not all, we have them divided by categories. Just select a template you like and customize it to your liking.

2. Start from scratch:

Build your creative design from the ground up! This option is more suited to those with prior graphic design experience or those who have already mastered Simplified!

  • A new menu will open.

  • Edit the width and height values in the menu on the right side of your screen.

  • Click on Create Project.

  • Voila! Your custom artboard is now ready for you to create an original and customized graphic design.

3. Start from an existing project:

Pick up where you and your collaborators left off! Simplified enables you to work on different projects with all of your teammates in collaborative workspaces!

Use your brand kit by clicking My Assets > Brandkits from the left sidebar.

  • Comment, tag, and edit with your team, working efficiently to save time and energy!

That's it! Explore our templates, get comfortable with the magic one-click tools, and create authentic content that reflects your brand and message.

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