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How do I apply a gradient background?
How do I apply a gradient background?
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Create trending, customized gradient backgrounds in a click with Simplified's free graphic design tools. To create a gradient background:

1- Open the Artboard Editor by clicking the More ••• button on toolbar just above your template.

2- On the right side of your screen, scroll down and go to the Background > Color section.

3- Click the colored rectangle.

4- Click Gradient.

5- Click on any gradient template you love and it'll automatically apply to your background.

6- Customize your color scheme by adding more colors, changing the colors, or adjusting how much of a gradient you want on your background.

7- Click the color circles, or Bar icon to make your customization.

8- Click on the menu arrow to Close. Your choices are automatically saved!

Go to our Academy to see our gradient backgrounds in action!

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