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Does one plan subscription work for all workspaces?
Does one plan subscription work for all workspaces?
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Simplified allows for unlimited workspaces, and every workspace you create is automatically assigned to the Free Forever plan. When you purchase a paid plan or an App Sumo deal you can choose which workspace you want to activate the plan in, or you can create a new workspace.

  1. A paid plan or App Sumo deal buys you seats and permissions for individual workspaces.

  2. Seats allow for extra features that can be used within that individual workspace. For example, if you have 10 different workspaces, but only buy 1 subscription, the seats from that 1 subscription can only be used for 1 workspace.

  3. If you need seats in multiple workspaces, then you need to upgrade your plan or license for each workspace (aka. every workspace has its own billing).

  4. If you want to add guests to your workspace no upgrade or paid plan is needed. Just share your designs with them and collaborate freely!

  5. If you want to add editors to your workspace, team collaborators, and team templates you will need to upgrade the workspace your team works in.

  6. For each workspace you can choose between any of the paid plans.


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