How to align and group elements
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Grouping elements (icons, stickers, videos, images, etc) is easy with Simplified.

1- Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/ Facebook login.

2- Click on Design.

3- Open a design by clicking Projects on the left-side menu.

4- Use your mouse to lasso the elements you want to group. A yellow box will frame your components.

5- On the toolbar above your artboard, click the new Group Elements icon.

Boom! You're elements are aligned and grouped as you placed them!

Ungroup your elements just as easily.

1- Lasso your grouped elements again. A yellow box will frame them.

2- Click the Ungroup Elements icon on the toolbar above your artboard.

3- Or, click the ••• button on your artboard toolbar to open the Artboard Editor.

4- Click the Ungroup Elements icon on the far right side of the icon row (the icon looks like two overlapping rectangles).

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