Simplified is a self-serve platform where you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time!

You can downgrade your paid subscription to a smaller one, or to our free forever plan. We also offer you the option to pause a subscription if you want to keep your projects, but won't be using your account for a little while.

! note: when you downgrade your plan, you will lose access to your projects created using the features that are not included to the plan you're downgrading to. For example, if you decide to downgrade from a Business Plan to the Free Forever Plan, any long-form documents won't be accessible anymore, since Long-Form AI Writer isn't available on the Free Forever plan. If you want to keep your documents for the future, we suggest pausing your subscription instead of downgrading.

Downgrading your plan is easy, and you just have to follow a few steps. Here's how to do it.

1. Select the workspace you want to downgrade your plan.

2. Click Settings under the workspace name.

3. Click Billing.

4. Click the ... that appear to the right of your current plan's name, then click the Change Plan button.

5. Choose a different subscription type, and click the Downgrade button (remember only the Free Forever plan is free).

When you downgrade, your plan will be active until its original expiration date. Read more on this article. 😊

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