Can the AI Assistant write a story?
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Yes! Use our AI Writing tool to generate longer copy for stories, blogs, and even books. Just follow a few easy steps!

First log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login and click on the "AI Writing" tool in the main menu.

You will have three ways to create texts with Simplified:

1- AI Templates

  • Click on Blogging.

  • Select the template you like the most to start writing some paragraphs of your story. For example, you can use the article writer, content writer, essay writer, paragraph writer template, or any of the templates you will find here.

  • Once you have selected your favorite template, type in a keyword, idea or phrase and click the Generate button. You will see the magic happen in a few seconds!

2 - Blog Wizard

  • Click on Blog Wizard.

  • Fill out the form, choose the structure of your blog or story and then click the generate button.

3- New Document

  • Click on New Document.

  • Type a command, select what you typed, and from the menu options that appear, select the Run command option. If you liked the created content click on insert and you're done!

Boom! You are now ready to start working on your new story. Remember that the more detailed your prompt is, the more accurate the content our AI writing tool will create.

Note! If you are sharing a workspace, all texts created will be available to your team on the main dashboard.

πŸ‘€ Switch to one of our paid plans to write texts of more than 2.000 words and be able to take advantage of all our AI writing tools.

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