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How word counts and quotas work on the AI Writer
How word counts and quotas work on the AI Writer
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Every AI content writing result counts towards your monthly word quota.

  1. When you generate AI writing results, the sum of all the words from the results will count towards your monthly usage.

  2. Subtract that amount from the allowed amount of words you can generate on your plan to know how many words you have left per month.

  3. Your quota renews each month, starting at 0. Leftover words do not accumulate.

Let’s see an example:

Let’s say you generated 5 results, and each result has 50 words. In this example, you would have generated 250 words. If you are on the Free Forever plan, your monthly quota is 2,000 words. After generating these 5 results from the example, your quota for the month would be 2,000 - 250 = 1,750 words.

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