Where can I find post drafts?
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If you have created drafts on Simplified and want to view them either in the Draft section or Calendar view, follow these steps:

How to view your Drafts

If you have created Drafts, you can access them in the Draft section:

1. Log into your Simplified account and go to your dashboard then click on Social Media

2. On the left column bar, click on Drafts.

Click on Drafts

4. A search bar will appear. Here, you can search for the specific account from where you need to see the drafts.

5. Your drafts will populate on the screen. You can click on Edit to take action on the draft post.

Click on Options

How to view your Post Drafts in the Calendar view

1. Click on the calendar icon in the central view to see posts organized in the calendar.

Click on tab

2. Use the dropdown menu to select the view per day, week, or month.

Click on Month

3. For an easy view of today's draft, click the circle icon.

Click on Today

4. You can click the direction arrows to go through previous and upcoming months.

Click on Previous

By following these steps, you can easily find, view, and manage your post drafts on Simplified.

Remember, you can open a post draft, set a scheduled time, comment, and manage a post by clicking on the square symbol on the right bottom side of the post-draft.

For more resources and tutorials, visit our Academy or Help Center. These platforms provide a wealth of information and step-by-step guides to help you make the most of Simplified's tools and features.

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