How to repost?
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At, making use of your existing posts is easy through the reposting feature. Simply select the post you wish to reuse, and follow these steps:

1- Log into your Simplified account go to your dashboard then click on Social Media

2- Click on the Publishing icon in the left menu.

3- Click on the icon of the social media account from which you want to repost a post. You can also select the account from the list of connected accounts on the left.

As soon as you select the account you will see an orange ring highlighting the account.

4- Scheduled posts for selected accounts will be shown. Choose the post you want to repost, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and click on Repost

5- Now, the post you would like to repost will be displayed in the creating mode again and you will be able to edit it or schedule it to different accounts.

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