1 - To connect your Facebook Page account, open your calendar section by clicking Schedule Posts on the menu bar on the left, or Social Publishing on the Dashboard.

2 - Click on the ... icon next to the account list, then click Add Account.

  • note: if this is your first connection, then click on the Let's Get Started button instead, then follow the following steps.

3 - Click on Facebook

4 - Click on Page

5 - Enter your Facebook account log in info, if you're not already logged in to Facebook.

6 - Click Continue.

  • note: do not change any of the permissions under the "Choose what you allow" option. Doing so will result in an impossibility to authenticate with Facebook and it will not be possible to connect your Instagram channel. This option is shown as per Facebook's guidelines, and should not be modified when authenticating.

  • note: If you have another Facebook or Instagram account connected to Simplified, you won't see these steps.

7 - Select the Page you want to connect and click Continue.

And that's it! You can now start publishing on your Facebook Page!

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