Why did my payment fail?
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If your payment failed or didn’t, it could be a problem with the card used.

Check the possible following reasons below why your payment failed. If after trying those solutions it still doesn’t go through and you need help, check with your card issuer or bank for further assistance.

Reason 1: Unauthorized transaction by bank or card provider

  • Card providers and banks usually decline transactions for security reasons (transaction doesn’t match spending habits, account balance).

  • If you're not in the US, check with your bank that your card is enabled for international and online purchases.

  • Make sure It could also be that there’s not sufficient funds in your account. If your card provider or your bank decline the transaction, please check with them to confirm if the transaction is authorized or not.

Reason 2: Invalid or expired card

  • Make sure you've entered the card number, expiry date, and CVV code correctly. If your card information is correct, then check with the card issuer to make sure your payment wasn’t declined because of an unauthorized transaction.

  • If you need to update the payment information to add a new card or correct a wrong information, you can do so by clicking on Settings > Account > Billing

Reason 3: Insufficient funds

  • Make sure your balance is enough to cover the payment you’re trying to make. If you have one, use a different payment method. We accept the payment methods listed here.

Reason 4: Card not activated

  • If you’re using a new card, make sure it’s activated.

Reason 5: Blocked payment

  • Simplified uses Stripe, a PCI-compliant provider to process payments. Stripe’s automated fraud prevention toolset, Radar, blocks any payments that they identify as being high-risk. The most common reason why they block payments is because the CVC or postal code doesn’t match the information on file with your card issuer.

If any of the above possible reasons apply to you, and your payment is still failing, contact our support team via chat or at hello@simplified.com and we'll be happy to help. Send us a screenshot of the error, if possible, so we can better help you.

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