How can I use AI to create a post?
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You can create a post using our Artificial Intelligence tool, and schedule it to different social media. To do that:

1- Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login.

2- Open your Social Media section from the menu bar on the left.

3- Click on Schedule Post.

4- In the upper right corner, click on the + New Post button.

5- The creating post box will be displayed.

6- At the bottom of the creating post box, you will see a few different icons. Click on the AI assistant icon, the one to the right of the plus sign.

7- Your AI assistant will be displayed on the right. You can use AI Templates by clicking on the green icon or if you prefer, click on the folder icon to use previous projects or create a new one by clicking on the + New Doc button.

8- Choose and complete a template and click on Generate.

9- Once your text is generated, you can add it to the post by clicking on the + button right above the text.

Finally, you can adjust the text for each social media and schedule the post.

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