How can I mention someone in my posts?
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When you mention someone in your posts, you're referencing another user in a post you're sharing by adding @ before their handle.

If you mention someone, they'll receive a notification and might see your post. It's a fantastic way to increase interaction on your account!

Mentions for every account are supported only on Twitter. Mentions for Pages are supported on LinkedIn as well.

Mentioning someone in your post can be done in a few steps:

  1. Open your calendar section from the menu bar on the left.

  2. In the upper right corner, click on the + New Post button.

  3. The creating post box will be displayed.

  4. To add a mention, simply use the @ and add the name of the account you want to tag.

  5. You can see the number of tags in the bottom right corner.

Here's a breakdown of how to create a mention

First, start by creating a new post by clicking on the 'New Post' yellow button in the Publisher.

Then, to mention someone, add the "@" symbol, followed by the name of the account you want to tag.

Note: Make sure to use the vanity name when mentioning someone. Vanity name is the name of the account as it appears on the user's account URL.

Keep reading to know more about Twitter and LinkedIn mentions.

Twitter mentions

You can mention any account type on Twitter, make sure to add the correct handle after the @

LinkedIn Pages Mentions

Mentioning other accounts on LinkedIn works only for LinkedIn pages and not individual users. That means that you can mention LinkedIn pages, but not individual LinkedIn users.

To create LinkedIn mentions, type "@" at the beginning and then enter the vanity name of the page. The page will appear in the list.

Note: vanity name is the name of the account as it appears on the user's account URL. For example, Simplified's LinkedIn URL is The vanity name that should be added to mention Simplified is @sosimplified.

After you schedule the post and it has been published on LinkedIn, the mention will be active and displayed on that platform.

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