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What to do if you get ‘Error’ messages when posting to Instagram. (Instagram bugs)
What to do if you get ‘Error’ messages when posting to Instagram. (Instagram bugs)
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Occasionally a mistake during the publication can occur. It also happens that these errors don’t come from our platform. That is why we have prepared a collection of the most common Instagram errors so that you can find out where the problem is and follow our recommendations.

1- The user is not an Instagram Business (code 10, subcode null)


You might encounter this error if you switch your Business Account to an Instagram Creator Account. Publishing to a Creator Account is not currently available through the Instagram API. To be able to publish, we recommend switching your account to a Business Account.

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2-User access is restricted (code 25, subcode 2207050) ‘User is unavailable – The Instagram account is either inactive or restricted.’


Please log in to your account using the Instagram app.

3-The aspect ratio is not supported. (code 36003, subcode 2207009)


The image ratio must be between 4:5 – 1.91:1. Adjust your image and try again.

4-Fatal (code -1, subcode 2207001)


This error occurs because the anti-spam mechanism of Instagram is triggered. Instagram do not identify what caused the error message and how you can prevent this from happening in the future (there are no additional details or information after it). Instagram intentionally do not share the specifics in order to prevent someone from trying to circumvent their system, but we recommend that you post a new version – amend the draft, change the picture (if applicable), etc., and try again.

5-An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later. (code 2, subcode null) (5 retries)


We do not know much, and we cannot do anything – unknown error. We recommend trying again later with the same content.

6-Page request limit reached (code 32, subcode null)


It looks like this profile has reached its API calls limit. This means that we are currently unable to publish anything on this profile. The API calls limit is based on DAP (daily active people). The more people who visit your page every day, the higher your API limit will be. Once you hit the limit for followers, your profile will be locked on Instagram or Facebook and will remain that way until it is unlocked by one of those platforms.

7-You reached maximum number of posts that is allowed to be published by Content Publishing API. (code 9, subcode 2207042)


This error can occur if you exceed a maximum of 25 published posts during 24-hour. The only thing you can do is to wait before publishing another post.

8-The image format is not supported. (code 36001, subcode 2207005)


The problem here might be the image resolution – you’re allowed a maximum of 1920x1080px. Posts usually fail with this error message when they contain images with a higher resolution. You should resize the image and try uploading again.

9-Application does not have permission for this action (code 10, subcode null)


  1. Check the connection ( It might turn out that the Instagram account or Facebook page are not connected correctly.

  2. Make sure that you have an Admin role on the linked Facebook Page.

  3. Finally, reconnect with your Facebook account accepting all permissions.

10-Media upload has failed (error code “2207053” or "2207001")

An unknown error occurred while uploading media. This means that there was an issue with Instagram's servers and they are requesting that the post be retried later.


Generate new content and try again. This error usually only affects the import of videos.

11-The video format is not supported (error code “2207026”)

This error occurs because the format of the video must be MOV or MP4 file.


Import your videos in MOV or MP4 and try again.

12-Unable to reply to Instagram comments on your Inbox (error code 20)

Facebook error: This API call does not support the requested response format (code 20, subcode 1772111)

If you are seeing the error, it is most likely due to your comments being seen as spam by the Instagram automated systems


Instagram might take multiple, identical messages or replies as spam due to repetition. To avoid this error:

  • Make sure to not give repetitive answers or comments.

  • Avoid replying in the same manner to multiple comments, Instagram will red flag it as spam

  • Be creative with your comments: add more words, rephrase, say it differently each time

  • Avoid using short replies or using emoticons or smileys as your only response

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