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What to do if you get ‘Error’ messages when posting to Pinterest. (Pinterest bugs)
What to do if you get ‘Error’ messages when posting to Pinterest. (Pinterest bugs)
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Occasionally a mistake during the publication can occur. It also happens that these errors don’t come from our platform. That is why we have prepared a collection of the most common Pinterest errors so that you can find out where the problem is and follow our recommendations.

1 -Pinterest denied publishing social message because limit was reached


Pinterest has reduced their API request limit: each unique account is now allowed to make up to 100 calls during a 24-hour period. Please schedule the message for a time in the future (minimum 24 hours) and continue performing tasks while you wait.

2- Awkwaaaard.{errors=[{code=5000, message=Unknown error occurred, id=74844ecc-e891-4f6a-86db-b3b081bfa6d2, resource={type=socialProfile, id=126057268}}]}


To remove spam from the Pinterest network, it does not allow posting some kind of shortened links. Please read more about it here.

3-Authentication Failed


You might have changed your login details, not reconnected the account to the Simplified, and then tried publishing. In this case, reconnect your account to Simplified with new details.

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