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What are the daily posting limits on each social media?
What are the daily posting limits on each social media?
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Because social networks may block accounts due to posting frequency, and to avoid any problems for our users, we have established some posting limits for each social network to allow you to post without any negative impacts on your posts’ reach.

The limits listed below are per 24-hour period, and they are only for the number of posts you publish, it doesn’t affect the number of posts you can add to your queue.

The limits for each social media are:

  • Facebook page: 25

  • Facebook group: 25

  • Twitter: 100

  • Linkedin: 50

  • Instagram: 50

  • YouTube Shorts: 10 for unverified users. Unlimited for verified users.

  • Pinterest: 25

  • Google Business Profile: 50

  • TikTok: 25

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