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What changes when I migrate from Postfity to Simplified?
What changes when I migrate from Postfity to Simplified?
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Signing up to Simplified: what does this mean for you?

You can sign up to one of our plans (check out our pricing here), and enjoy all Simplified has to offer.

With Simplified, on top of the Content Calendar, you’ll have access to:

  • No-code design editor, video editor and animation maker

  • Background remover

  • Millions of design templates for every social media, relevant platforms and formats, and any occasion you need

  • Multiple brand kits

  • Unlimited folders to keep your projects organized

  • Multiple workspaces and real-time editing, tagging, and sharing so you can do more with less. Keep teams, projects and clients separate––and collaborate instantly

  • Incredible design features: crop, resize, clip, remove background, animate, and much more!

  • Our libraries with millions of stock images and videos, GIFs, icons, components, fonts, and audios

  • 30+ AI Writer templates to generate all kind of copy you need, with the option of writing in 30 different languages

With Simplified Content Calendar, you’ll have awesome new features on top of the ones you know from Postfity:

  • An all-in-one scheduler for Instagram Business, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter

  • Built-in AI Assistant to generate captions and hashtags for your posts in seconds.

  • Directly import your design projects and videos to the content calendar. Goodbye exporting!

  • Save posts as drafts so they can be approved and published by someone else.

  • Post one piece of content on multiple channels in just one click

  • Drag and drop content on a visual calendar to stay in control of your feed

  • Create an automatic queue of posts based on when your audience is most active

  • Automatically generate snapshots of tweets and captions and use them as additional content

  • A creative AI Assistant that magically designs graphics in one click

  • Thousands of design templates ready for every occasion in any dimension

  • Social Tips calendar: never miss a post opportunity again!

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