1. Open your calendar section from the menu bar on the left

  2. In the upper right corner, click on the +New Post button

  3. The creating post box will be displayed

  4. Then, at the bottom of the creating post box, you will see a list of icons

  5. Click on the first one – the + sign.

  6. Choose from the: Media Library (to add a project done within Simplified), Upload image or Upload video (to upload assets directly from your local storage).

  7. Your Media Library will open on the left hand side and there you can choose the project you want to upload. Click on it.

    • note: You can choose to add a Project, Assets, Photos, GIFs or browse from your Folders. Just click on the icons on the top menu when the Media Library menu opens.

  8. Choose the file format, which of the artboards will be included (if the project has more than one), click Export Now, and wait until the file is uploaded.

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