Best practices for keeping your social channels connected

General guidelines

Regardless of social network, the access token will expire and you will need to refresh your channel under the following circumstances:

  • If the username or password of the social channel is changed: Changing your social channel username or password will result in that social network removing Simplified’s access to your account, because the original credentials that were used to authenticate the account no longer exist. To correct this, head over to your Simplified dashboard and refresh the channel immediately after changing your username or password.

  • If Simplified's access to the social network has been revoked: Each social network has an area where third party apps can be granted authorization to access your account. If Simplified’s access is revoked or altered, this will result in the loss of the access token and your social channel will need to be reauthorized. Below you will find links to the area within each social network where third party apps can be granted authorization:

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