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How do I upload videos to TikTok through the calendar?
How do I upload videos to TikTok through the calendar?
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You can schedule a new post to TikTok by clicking the big yellow new post button in the top right-hand corner or by clicking the plus button on the day that you'd like to schedule for.

Scheduling a TikTok video with Mobile Notifications:

Simplified’s content calendar will allow you to upload your TikTok video and caption. Then once it's time to post, you'll get a notification in your TikTok app with the video and an email with your caption, just copy and paste it in and you're ready to go.

You must post the video in your TikTok account, it will not automatically publish

How to post:

1- Go to your Ai Social Media Dashboard or click the button below

2- In your Dashboard click Schedule Post or click the button below

3- Choose the TikTok account where you'd like to post and then create your post by adding your description and video or photo.

Ensure that you specify who can view your post and select the publishing method, which will be Mobile Notification in this case.

After your post is ready to go, click Schedule.

Scheduling a TikTok video with Direct Publishing:

With Simplified, you can post your videos directly to TikTok. Just ensure that your video includes all the content you want to add, such as music and captions.

If you want to schedule the post through Direct Publishing, just follow the instructions above.

In the last step, be sure to select Direct Publishing as the publishing method so that we can publish your TikTok directly.

After your post is ready to go, click Schedule.


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