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How do I manually publish my TikTok post from the Calendar
How do I manually publish my TikTok post from the Calendar

How to select the option to manually publish your TikTok posts, and how to publish them with your Simplified assets

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when scheduling TikTok posts, you can select the option to receive push notifications to manually publish your posts, instead of automatically publishing at the scheduled time and date.

In this case, when you schedule your post, you will receive an email or a mobile app notification (if you have the Simplified app installed on your phone, with notifications enabled) reminding you it's time to publish your TikTok post.

Here's the step by step:

1 - Create a TikTok post, then select the time you want your post to be scheduled for.

Tip: Simplified’s content calendar will allow you to upload your TikTok video by dragging and dropping it into the Schedule Post box. You can use the AI feature to help you generate a caption.

2 - Before scheduling your posts, on the Publish As field, select Mobile Notification

Once it's time to post, you'll get a notification in your TikTok app with the video and an email with your caption, just copy and paste it in and you're ready to go. Here's how:

3 - Open the reminder email or mobile app notification. Copy the post caption and hashtags, and click Open Video to download your TikTok video.

2 - Go to your TikTok account. Click Upload on the top right corner.

3 - Add your video, paste your caption, and that's it!

Click on combobox

Your TikTok post will be published on your account.

*Note - If you select this option, you must post the video in your TikTok account, it will not automatically publish.

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