How do I schedule a post on the content calendar?
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To schedule a post on your social calendar, begin by selecting Content Calendar.

  1. To schedule a new post you can either go to the day and click the plus icon or you can choose the yellow “New Post” button in the top right hand corner.

  2. Select the social channels you want to post to by:

    • toggling on the toggle button to post to all your social channels; or

    • clicking only on the social channels you want to post to; or

    • select an account group to post to.

  3. Add a project, file, or image by selecting the Add Media button (+ icon) at the bottom left of the Schedule Post box or upload from your computer by dragging and dropping.

  4. Write in your caption or use the AI Assistant to help you generate one by clicking the Robot icon in the bottom of the Schedule Post box and the AI Assistant will pop out on the right hand side

  5. Then you can click the yellow Schedule button in the bottom right corner of the to schedule your post schedule, add it to your queue, or even publish now!

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