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Shorter links are proven to yield higher click-through rates, which is why Simplified has integrated a link shortener into the content calendar.

This enhancement allows users to create concise and impactful links, improving engagement and driving more traffic to the shared content.

With the link shortener feature, users can optimize their social media and web marketing efforts to maximize the effectiveness of their content.

To turn it on:

1- Log into your Simplified account go to your dashboard then click on Social Media, or click the button below.

2- Go to the Publishing Calendar or click the link below

3-Open your account list by clicking the 3 stacked dots at the end of your account list, then clicking Open Full List

Click on Options
Click on Open Full List

4-Click the stacked three dots to the right of the account in which you would like to turn the link shortener on, then select Account Settings from the drop down menu.

5-Then under General make sure the Shortlinks enabled boxed is checked.

6-Save your settings by clicking the Save button. Every time you enter a URL into one of your social posts, the link will automatically be shortened once it's posted!

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