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Which analytics metrics are available for Instagram Business?
Which analytics metrics are available for Instagram Business?
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Understanding your Instagram business account's metrics is super important! They give you valuable info about your audience, how your content is doing, and how your account is growing.

These metrics help you see if your Instagram strategies are working, spot trends, and make smart decisions to make your presence on the platform even better. And with Simplified, getting and understanding these metrics is a breeze.

We've made it super easy with a user-friendly interface to access and interpret key data points like:

  • Post Counts

  • Impressions

  • Reach

  • Profile Views

  • Followers Count

  • Text Message Clicks

  • Website Clicks

  • Email Contacts

To customize your analytics reports, follow the steps in this article.

Simplified is here to make your social media management easier. For more resources and tutorials, feel free to visit the Academy or the Help Center. These platforms are filled with useful information to help you make the most of Simplified's features.

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