Expanding your copy with the AI Writer

Best practices to rewrite and expand your content on our AI writer

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One of our most used AI functionalities is the content expander. But there is more than one way to do it, and on this article we will teach you the best practices to create longer content using the AI Writer.

To expand sentences:

    • Select the sentence you want to expand, and go from there. This model is effective when you use with 1 (one) sentence, instead of selecting a whole paragraph or a set of sentences, for example.

To expand longer content:

    • This AI template is great for when you need help developing your content. It can be used when you're trying to make a paragraph longer. Select the paragraph or set of sentences you want to the AI to continue writing. On the Document Writer, just right click and select "Continue". On the Short Form, paste the selected copy into the prompt then click "Generate"

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