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How to schedule and publish Instagram Reels
How to schedule and publish Instagram Reels
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Instagram Reels direct publishing is here to make your work easier!

You can create and schedule your Instagram Reels, and Simplified will publish your Instagram Reels in the chosen time and day.

How to direct publish Instagram Reels to your Instagram Business account(s):

1- Open the Social Calendar, and make sure you're in the 'Publishing' part of the Calendar;

2- Create a new post by clicking on the yellow '+ New Post' button on the top right corner;

3- Select your Instagram Business account, then select 'Reels' on the bar below the list of social channels on the new post pop window;

4- Add your video, caption and hashtags;

5- Click on the yellow 'Schedule' button at the bottom of the new post pop window. Select a day and time when your Reels will be published.

That's it! When the time to publish your post arrives, Simplified will do the work for you!

note: Due to Instagram/s API, direct Publishing to Instagram Reels is only available to Instagram Business accounts. This means that, for Instagram Business accounts, you can just schedule your Reels and when the time comes, Simplified will auto publish them. For Instagram Personal accounts, you can schedule your Reel, and when the time to publish arrives, you will receive an email from Simplified, and you will have to manually publish it.

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