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How to individually caption each photo on a Facebook Carousel post
How to individually caption each photo on a Facebook Carousel post
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When you create Facebook Carousel with links, it allows you to customize each carousel item (its image, caption and link).

This type of carousel is very versatile and allows you to tell a story, highlight product and services, post a product tour, promote blog articles, and a lot more.

Each item from you carousel will be create from a link you add, and they can be customized to have its own caption, subtext, and image. Keep in mind that each link equals 1 (one) item on your carousel.

  • Note: if you want to edit and add different links (steps below), be aware that, when you add a new link, the content will change (featured image, title, text), so be sure to replace links first and then customize the rest of your content, following the steps bellow.

Here's how to do it.

1 - On the Social Calendar, select your Facebook account and click New Post to start a new Facebook Carousel post.

2 - Add the links to your carousel items on the text portion of the post editor. Each link = 1 item on the carousel. You can add a minimum of 2 links, and up to 5.

3 - To add the next link/item, click on the stacked lines icon on the top left corner of the image that appear on the post editor, then click 'Add next link'.

4 - To customize each item of your Carousel:

  • to change item link, click the edit icon on the right side of each item link, paste the link you want to be featured, then click 'Save'.

  • to customize item text, click the text and edit it:

  • to customize item subtext, click the text and edit it:

  • to customize item image, hover over the default image (which will be the site's OG image), then click on 'Upload your own image' to set an image from your files, or 'Select a different image' to choose form the images available for that link.

    • uploading your own image

    • selecting a different image

When you're done, you can preview your post by clicking the preview post (eye icon) at the bottom of the post editor.

Note: If you prefer, you can erase the link you initially added in the caption section of the post editor.

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