Simplified's Social Media Content Calendar lets you schedule comments to be published automatically after a chosen delay.

This is a great way to increase engagement and make your posts even more relevant.

This feature is available for the following social channels: Twitter, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedIn.

You can schedule up to 5 comments per post.

1 - Open your Content Calendar or click this link.

2 - Create your post and select the social channel you want to publish.

! note: to use this feature, you can only select the social channels where this feature is available, otherwise the option won't be available on the post editor.

3 - Click the Post Comments (dialogue symbol), or Tweet Replies (thread symbol) for Twitter.

4 - Click Comment to add post comments.

5 - Add the comment, select the delay when the comment will be published after the post is published, then click Save.

That's it! Grow your engagement with scheduled comments!

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