How to use the Full Blog Writer

use the AI writer to generate full blog posts and articles

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With Simplified's AI Blog Writer, you can generate full blog posts and articles in seconds!

Here's how:

1 - From your dashboard, go to AI Writing, then click Generate with AI

Click on AI Writing

Click on Generate with AI…

2 - Select Full Blog Writer

Click on Full Blog Writer

3 - Complete the prompts with the required info about the article or blog pots you want to write, select the Tone and output language.

4 - When the blog post is generated on the Document Writer, you can add media, edit and format the text, export, share or publish.

tip: Add media to your blog post directly form the Document Writer. You can edit your text using the Free Flow writer to rewrite, expand or continue sentences form the generated article.

You can also collaborate in real time with team members. After your article is ready, you can export in PDF or DOCX, and publish your blog post directly to your social media channels or blog page with our Wordpress plugin connection.

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