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How to schedule posts for Instagram personal accounts
How to schedule posts for Instagram personal accounts
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Due to Facebook's API restrictions, third-party apps (such as Simplified) aren't allowed to directly publish posts to your Instagram personal account.

That means that, when you schedule an Instagram post to a personal account, Facebook doesn't allow Simplified (or any other third-party apps) to publish your posts.

In this case, when you schedule your post, you will receive an email reminding you it's time to publish your Instagram post.

Here's the step-by-step:

1- Log into your Simplified account go to your dashboard then click on Social Media

2 - Go to Schedule Post on your Social Media Dashboard, then select your Instagram account on the post composer.

3 - Create a post for your Instagram personal account.

Click on New Post
Click on dialog

4 - Schedule the post at your preferred time. You will see the reminder about manual publishing, as well as you'll have to click on Acknowledge before scheduling your posts.

Note: If you install the mobile app and enable notifications, you can publish directly from your phone.

Click on Schedule
Click on Acknowledge
Click on Schedule!

Note: When the system sends you the reminder email, the post will appear as published on your Calendar. But the post will not be published to your account unless you manually publish it.

Click on image

5 - On the time you schedule your post, you will receive an email or a mobile notification on the Simplified app reminding you it's time to publish your Instagram post to your personal account. This email/app notification contains all your post info (media, caption, hashtags).

6 - Copy and paste your post content from the email, and manually publish it to your Instagram Personal account. To do so:

a) Copy the post caption and hashtags

b) Click Open Image to download the image

c) On your Instagram Personal account, create a new post, then add the image from your computer/phone, and paste the caption and hashtags

Click on link
Click on Select from computer
Paste element

d) Click Share, and that's it!

Click on Share

Your post is now published on your Instagram Personal or Creator account

Click on atena_artemis_cats…
Click on atena_artemis_cats…

💡 TIP: If you want Simplified to automatically publish your Instagram posts, consider switching your account to a business account! With an Instagram business account, your post will be automatically published at the scheduled time!

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