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Where can I find my generated AI images?
Where can I find my generated AI images?
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You can retrieve all your AI generated images and download, publish to your social channels, edit it, or use the prompt to generate more images or create variations.

Here's how to find your previous or saved AI images.

1 - Log in to your Simplified account (or sign up if you don't have an account).

2 - On you Dashboard, click Graphics Design, then Try it out or AI Image Generator (go to this link)

3 - Click My Creations on the top bar

4 - There, you will see your generations

5 - To open all the images created each time you generated, click on the image that appear for the chosen generation (only the first of the 3 generated images will appear here. Click on it to open all three images)

TIP: when you open the generated images, you can re-use the prompt to generate more images, and create variations using the style, shot and filter options.

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