How does Teams work?

Common FAQs about Teams, roles, plans and quotas applying to teams.

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You can create several teams within a workspace.

Each new team will have its own projects, members and roles.

Members from the same workspace but different teams can't see other teams, and all the work within each teams is kept private.

> Does the number of seats from my workspace change with teams?

No. You can add up to 5 (five) members to each workspace (or buy additional seats), and then add those workspace members to your teams.

> Do I need to add all my workspace members to each team?

No, you can choose which workspace member(s) you will invite to each team.

> Can I select different roles for each team member? Will they have the same role they were assigned within the workspace?

When you invite your workspace members into your teams, you can select different roles. The same workspace members can have a different role within each team.

!note: right now, for a team member to be able to add social channels to a team's Calendar, they need to be an Admin on both the workspace and the team.

> Is Teams available for everyone?

No, Teams is a premium feature and is available for Business and Growth plans.

> Who can create teams within a workspace?

Only the workspace owner can create new teams.

> Will my subscription apply to all teams?

Yes. Your subscription and quotas apply to the workspace. That means that all your teams will be able to use the premium features, just as all activities executed within each team that require quotas, such as AI writing, for example, will discount towards the same workspace quota.

> Will my plan's quota apply individually to each team?

No. All projects started within a team that require quotas will count towards the workspace quota.

  • For example, if you've subscribed to the Growth plan, you have 250k words/month for your workspace. Let's say you create 5 (five) different teams: Teams A, B, C, D e E. Team A generates 50k words. Team B generates 30k words. Team C only generated 2k words, and Team D generate 80k words. In total, 162k words were generated and discounted from your quota and, collectively, your teams still have 88k to use until the workspace quota renews.

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