How to set a time point for your social accounts

Time points allow your posts to be automatically scheduled to a pre-determined time and day you set

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Timepoints are used when you add your post to the queue, as you can see below. If your timepoint is set up and you click the “add to queue” button, the post will be attached to the first empty timepoint.

How to set up the timepoint?

1- Log into your Simplified account go to your dashboard then click on Social Media

2-Click on the Publishing icon in the left menu.

3- Click on the ✨Best Time to Post Button in the upper right corner.

4- Use the drop-down menu to select the social media account where you want to set the timepoint

5- You can add the best time to post manually by choosing your own time or let the AI find the best time for you.

  • To add a time manually, just click on the drop-down menu to pick the date frequency (like every day, weekends, Mondays, etc.), then use the time box to enter the specific time. Once you're done, just click Add Timepoint.

What to use the AI to select the Best Time to Post?

  • To add time slots generated by the AI, simply click the Best Time to Post button, and the AI will create all the best posting times for your chosen social media platform. You can then choose which days and/or timeslots you want to use by checking or unchecking them.

Things to Note:

-Each time to add a post to the queue in the scheduler the post will be scheduled in the next available timeslot from your ✨Best Time to Post list.

-When you set timeslots using the ✨Best Time to Post tool, whether manually or with the help of AI, there's no limit on the number of posts you can schedule per day this means the tool is not restricting or setting a cap on how many posts you will post per day.

For example, if you choose 2 timeslots per day and attempt to schedule 4 posts, 2 will be scheduled during the next available timeslots and the other 2 will be scheduled at different times on the same day.

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