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FAQs About How Content Calendar Works
Create content in seconds with the World Holiday feature!
Create content in seconds with the World Holiday feature!
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Want to get multiple content ideas in one click?

First, set up your calendar to enable the World Holiday feature by following these steps.

Your calendar will look like this:

As you can see, each green dot on the calendar indicates information about a holiday, and by clicking on the ones that interest you, you can create engaging content in seconds.

When you click on any of the green dots, we will give you a brief description of the type of celebration taking place that day so that you can get inspiration for creating your content.

We will leave some relevant hashtags for you to use in your posts (if you click on the "create post" button the hashtags will be automatically copied so you can use them in the description of your content).

If you click on "get template" we will give you the best pre-designed templates with the theme of your choice so you can edit it to your liking and use it whenever you want.

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