Can the AI generate text in all languages?

Want to generate outputs but didn't find the desired language? Follow these steps

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Our AI Writer can generate outputs in 20+ languages. To select one of those languages, all you need to do is select the Output Language on the AI prompt (learn more here).

If, however, you want to generate text in a language that is not on the list, there is a easy way to do it!

1 - Click on AI Writing to go to the AI Writing section

Click on AI Writing

2 - Start a new document

Click on New Document…

3 - Write a command including the type of text you want to generate and the language (ex: write 5 blog topics on running in Czech language, or Write a tweet about animals in Portuguese from Brazil)

Click on Grammarly-powered editor—To review writing suggestions, press ⌘⌃g

4 - Select the text, then click Run Command

Drag highlighted element
Click on Run command

5 - That's it! Click on Insert to add it to the document, Rewrite to generate a different result or Replace to replace the command with this result.

Click on Insert

! note: you can do the same thing on the post editor on our Social Media Publishing. Just write down a command on the post editor, highlight and click Continue to see the AI generate tweets, captions, and more, in any desired language.

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