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How to rearrange artboards
How to rearrange artboards
Learn how to change the orders of your artboards for design and video projects
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When creating design and video projects, you can rearrange the artboards to organize them in the order that you want.

Just follow these simple steps:

1 - On your workspace, go to Design or Video

Click on Video
Click on Design

2 - Find the project you want to re-organize by clicking Projects on the left side menu

Click on Projects

or Start a new project by clicking New Blank Project or New Video, or by Browsing Templates on the top menu on the Home screen

Click on New video…
Click on Browse Templates…

3 - In your project, click the Arrange artboard button on the top right corner pf the editing menu on the bottom of the screen

Click on Arrange artboards

4 - Click on the artboards you want to rearrange and drag them to the position you want them to be.

Drag highlighted element

5 - Once you're finished re-organizing, click the dropdown arrow next to the number of artboards on the top left corner of your screen

Click on 7 Artboards

That's it! If you open your Timeline, you'll see your artboards are now rearranged!

Click on Timeline view

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