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Troubleshooting 'Failed to authenticate' error when posting to Twitter
Troubleshooting 'Failed to authenticate' error when posting to Twitter

Did you reconnect Twitter with the new workflow and got this error? Follow these steps.

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Due to Twitter's changes, users with both new and existing Twitter accounts connected to Simplified have to reconnect following this workflow.

If you already reconnected your account(s) adding your own API Keys but are getting the "Failed to authenticate. Please check provided credentials and try again." error, it means the user authentication settings isn't properly set up.

To fix it, follow these steps.

On the left side menu, click on Project & Apps.

Select the option with your account's name

Scroll down to User authentication settings

Click on Edit

Check the settings and make sure you have the exact same options enabled, and that on Callback URI/Redirect URL you have added

Click on App Type

Click on Callback URI / Redirect URL (required)

Click on Website URL (required)

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