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How to set Auto Schedule for approved drafts
How to set Auto Schedule for approved drafts

Learn how to set your approved drafts to be automatically scheduled on the Calendar

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Setting up auto scheduling

1 - Go to your Social Media section

Click on Social Media…

2 - Go to Planning from the Home screen or by clicking Planning on the left side menu

Click on Content Planning…


Click on list

3 - On your account list, click the three stacked dots at the end of your channels' list

Click on Options

4 - Then open the full list by clicking Open Full List

Click on Open Full List

5 - Click the three stacked dots to the right of your channel's name

6 - Click Account settings

7 - Go to the Planning tab

8 - Select the checkbox, then click Save to enable auto scheduling of your drafts for that social channel

That's it!!! Your approved drafts that have a time set will be automatically scheduled!

Click on Auto scheduling settings have been updated.

You have to enable Auto Scheduling to each social channel following the previous steps (5 through 8).

🚨 Auto scheduling isn't available for Client Review (external approval). Drafts approved by external stakeholders will be available on the Ready to Publish column and will have to be manually scheduled to be auto published.

Seeing Auto Scheduling in action

Once you have enabled auto scheduling for your social channel(s), all your drafts that have a time set and are approved via Approval Workflow (not Client Review) will be automatically schedule don the Calendar. Here's how it works:

1 - Create a draft

Click on dialog

2 - Click on Add Draft and set a time for it to be published

Click on Add draft
Click on dialog

3 - Start the Approval Workflow (Open the draft, and Request Approval)

Click on Request Approval

4 - Get approval from the right stakeholder within your workspace

Click on Approve

5 - Once your draft has been approved, it will automatically be scheduled to be published. Go to Publishing by clicking the Publishing symbol o the left side menu, and you'll see the post scheduled at the time and date set for the draft!

Click on list
Click on 11:30 AM…
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