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How to set Auto Schedule for approved drafts
How to set Auto Schedule for approved drafts

Learn how to set your approved drafts to be automatically scheduled on the Calendar

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Setting up auto scheduling for your approved drafts is easy!

Once you add a time and date to your draft, once it is approved or moved to the Ready to Publish section, it will be automatically scheduled as a post.

Note: drafts added to the Ready to Publish column on Drafts that don't have an assigned date and time or have a past time and date will not be auto scheduled as posts. You can still schedule them as posts manually.

Just follow these steps:

1 - Go to your Social Media app.

Click on Open

2 - Go to Drafts from the Dashboard or by clicking Drafts on the left side menu

Click on Drafts…


Click on Drafts

3 - Click on Select Accounts to visualize all content

Click on Select Accounts

4 - Click on New Draft to create a new draft

Click on New Draft

5 - Select the social channel(s) and compose your draft

Type Create Draft…

6 - Click on Add draft

Click on Add draft

7 - Click on Select preferred publication time and select the time and date you want the draft to be published as a post

Click on Select preferred publication time…

8 - Click on Request Approval to request approval of a team member. If you don't need the approval of a team member, you can drag it directly to the approved column.

Click on Request Approval

9- Once your draft has been approved, your draft will be automatically sent to the Publishing calendar to be published on the assigned time and date

Note: if the post is approved after the assigned time and date for the post, it won't be added to the Publishing calendar, and you will need to manually add it to the Publishing Calendar.

Click on Success…

Click on 3:50 PM…

That's it!

🚨 Auto scheduling isn't available for Client Review (external approval). Drafts approved by external stakeholders will be available on the Ready to Publish column and will have to be manually scheduled to be auto published.

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