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How to fill your CSV file to bulk schedule posts
How to fill your CSV file to bulk schedule posts
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Simplified allows you to bulk import and schedule posts or create drafts into the Social Media Publishing from a CSV.

Upload CSV files with text, photos and videos.

! Note: you can import up to 300 posts at a time, and your CSV file must have a max size of 5MB.

Here's how:

1 - On your Simplified account, go to Social Media

Click on Social Media…

2 - You can bulk upload your posts two ways:

a) Click Bulk Schedule Posts on your Social Media Dashboard

Click on Bulk Schedule Posts…


b) Click Schedule Post, then click the drop-down arrow next to New Post at the top right corner, then Bulk Schedule Posts

Click on Schedule Post…
Click on dropdown trigger
Click on Bulk Schedule Posts

3 - To make sure your CSV file follows the format described in the pop-up window, download the example CSV file by clicking Get examples.

Click on Get examples

4 - Once the Example CSV opens, make a copy you can edit by clicking File, then Make a copy

Click on File
Click on Make a copy
Click on Make a copy

5 - On your new CSV File, select the tab with the name of the social media to which you want to bulk upload the posts.

Click on Instagram

6 - Then, edit the rows and columns with your posts' information (date, time, message, link and media).

Date (mandatory) - the date where your posts will be published

Time (mandatory) - the time of day when your posts will be published

Message - your posts' captions

Link - links you want to add to your posts' captions. Not mandatory

Media - Your posts' medias (image or video). You need to add a public link to your media. We recommend adding the links you obtain from Simplified's assets. For example, if your images or videos are saved on a Google Drive, you can copy the media's link, and paste onto the CSV cell. Make sure the media's permission on Google Drive (or any other storage) is set to publicly available. If you download the assets links from Simplified, you just need to copy and paste them into your bulk schedule CSV.

Simplified makes it easier! To avoid issues, we recommend uploading your assets on Simplified - or creating on Simplified, and downloading your assets' links with a CSV. Copy and paste those links into the bulk scheduling CSV. Here's a guide on how to do it.

Depending on the social media, you have to select the post type. For example, if filling your CSV for Instagram, on the last column (Additional:Instagram:postType:value), you have to add the post type: reel, post or story.

7 - After completing your CSV file, click File, then Download

Click on File
Click on Download…

8 - Select Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Click on Comma Separated Values (.csv)

You need to download a different file to each social media. To do so, select the social media tab (ex: Instagram), then go to File > Download. Then, change social media by selecting a different social media tab, then doing File > Download again.

That's it! You can now upload your CSV to Simplified.


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