How many posts can I schedule in advance?

Limits for number of scheduled posts and posts in queue

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The number of posts you're able to schedule in advance will be determined by the plan you're subscribed to.

This is not a daily, weekly, or monthly limit, this is the number of posts you can store in each social channel's queue at any one time.


Scheduled posts

Free Plan

30 total

Pro Plan

10,500 total

Agency Plan

2,000 per channel

Agency Plus Plan

2,000 per channel

For example, if you're on the Free plan and you already have 10 posts in one of your social channel's queue and 10 in another social channel's queue, you won't be able to add any more posts for any social channels until the queue count for all combined channels is less than 30.

You might note that our pricing page indicates that we offer unlimited scheduled posts, and the fair usage policy applies in this case.

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